Season 2019/20 Membership

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If you have not renewed your Man Utd membership, please do so asap. If you want to become a new member, purchase your United membership (lite / full) and send us your filled membership application via E-Mail.

As the opening fixture for next season is at home to Chelsea, we only get confirmation of our Official status 1 Aug 19 which only leaves 10 days to obtain Tickets. Therefore it is essential that anyone wishing to apply for the Chelsea home match MUST:. PAY /HAVE £50 on account. Be registered with our club (the sooner you are registered the better). REMEMBER ANY MEMBER OF AN OFFICIAL FAN CLUB CANNOT. SUBMIT BIDS OTHER THAN THROUGH THE CLUB. Also, if you are allocated a ticket via the club, you MUST me me at the Red Star 90 minutes before kickoff. If you do not have your new membership card, you may well have to report to the ticketing and membership office in order to collect a paper ticket. Be warned there is a very high probability that there will be a long queue.

Member info for season 2018/19

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Hi All,

We hope you are enjoying the summer and the World Cup. However, yet again we are getting close to one of the most important days of the year as far as our Club is concerned. 31 Jul 18 – this is the date that our registered membership for the new season will decide the quantity of tickets that we can be allocated for Cat A/A+ matches. (we will be guaranteed 1 ticket for every 13 members registered by 31 Jul 18).

ANY MUSC Member that has a been associated with our Club (or obtained tickets via our Club) may still be registered with our Club. As a registered member of an Official MUSC Fan Club, you CANNOT submit an application for any FAPL match ticket via www.manutd,com (with an approximate ratio of 2500:1 in respect of success). However you should submit any requests for match tickets via our Club’s Live Fixtures Spreadsheet or Email John at DJandBoys@Hotmail.Com (with a maximum ratio of 13:1 for Cat A 15:1 for A+ matches and Approximately 3:1 for Cat B/C). Of course you may request that your details are removed from our Club at any time, however you may like to check the odds of success before submitting your request to be removed from the Club Members List to John.

Furthermore, you should note that when we purchase tickets on your behalf you may or may not get notification from OT (NOTE the price quoted will NOT include the £5 administration charge). Also, there is a possibility that the Club Secretary may have cancelled your ticket at the last moment in order to allocate you a Season Ticket seat. Therefore it is ESSENTIAL that you meet John/Dawn at the Red Star 90 minutes before kick-off to confirm the seat you have been allocated.

As at 16 Jul 18, we have 123 members registered, please check the member sheet we shared with you via e-mail to confirm that you are still linked to our Club. If your name does not appear on the attached spreadsheet your membership number is no longer linked to our club or you have not yet purchased your 2018/19 MUSC Membership or have somehow become detached from the Club. Please renew before 31 Jul 18 and/or check with John to confirm your status in order to have the best chances of obtaining match tickets. Also if you have any friends that are resident in Germany and may be interested in attending any matches next season, if you can please encourage them to join our Club. Remember the more members we get gives the Club more chances to purchase Cat A/A+ tickets yet the ratio will still remain at a maximum of 13:1 (in reality 2 or 3:1).

We look forward to seeing you at OT soon

#5aMatch Stoke City (A) 1-1

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  1. 2 points lost. Wrong decisions by #mourinho today. Happy we still get the last minute point.
  2. We had some chances but totally failed to play creative offensive football. The left wing died with the #blind decision.
  3. #rashford qualified for the starting XI today. Brought power and 1on1’s on the pitch. No one else. Sadly.
  4. What happened to #mata ? Amazing start to the season. Totally lost his faith and energy.
  5. If #mourinho keeps playing #rashford on the wing we need back up for #ibrahimovic – we have no one else on the score sheet ATM. Apart from fairy tale #rooney every 10th match.

#5aMatch Liverpool (H) 1-1

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  1. We fought hard for a deserved point but should have done better in the first half. We even looked #nervous from time to time. Our team has to progress for the big stages.
  2. I will not go with all the #pogba bashing. He had a bad game for sure but let him develop and give him some time. He is a young lad and a lot of weight on his shoulders.
  3. Herrera was all over the place once again even in his more defensive 2. half when he replaced #carrick in the deeper roll. But still it was not enough for #manofthematch .
  4. #mourinho was right with his substitutes. We need more movement and feed in midfield to create some space. Rooney on. Martial was out of faith or power in the second. Mata in. No chance to get through the solid defense. #longballunited – #fellaini on.
  5. #fellaini changed the game. Presence, power and ready to fight. Great!

#5aMatch Hull (H) 2-0

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  1. Fair result. Ready to go to Wembley. Could have done better in the second half – happy we saved some #energy for #liverpool on Sunday.
  2. #fellaini scored. Really happy the fans showed him he is one of us. #fairplay
  3. Our defense looked fine today – but the real test will come – in my opinion Smalling gives us some extra power in the air. If needed.
  4. #darmian had a great game. Really brought us lots of space and even some good crosses. Not my all time favorite but did well today.
  5. #rooney was taken off to make sure he is fit on Sunday. Right decision. You never know how ill #zlatan really is. Anfield is the right place for Roo’s goal.

#5aMatch Reading (H) 4-0

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  1. Boring friendly after 15. minutes. #reading offered nothing at all. Next round – here we go.
  2. #rooney finally equaled the record. With his knee. Had fun today but sure was not as hard as it could have been.
  3. #martial #manofthematch for me. Had some good runs, clever goal and opened a lot of space. Sure he is on his way back to the regular starting XI.
  4. #carrick played really calm and cool. Pretty sure he never verified his age at #united .
  5. Give #youth a chance. Nice to see #fosumensah back on the pitch. Hope there are a lot more young lads on the #pitch on Tuesday.

#5aMatch West Ham (A) 0-2

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  1. Stay on your feet and it is not a #redcard . Sure Rojo… who cares. Clear red.
  2. #rashford – wow – just wow. Made the wing powerful. I love to see him as a striker but with his pace and his crossing ability makes him irreplaceable on the wing.
  3. Looked like our guys party hard. Not really full of #energy . Time for a PL break now.
  4. #ibrahimovic had a really bad day in the office. Fine for me if he still scores (sure, this was #offside ).
  5. #3points – and so eager to shut down the #thisisouryear talk in 2 weeks.

#5aMatch Middlesbrough (H) 2-1

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  1. Believe is all (Man)U(td) need. 2 month ago it would have been a draw. Now we have the “Sir Alex is alive” self believe to get the 3 points.
  2. Martial, even before the goal, had his best game since he scored the goal that brought us to the final in April. Aggressive, creative, the spirit to kill every opponent.
  3. All this Pogba, Carrick and Ibra talk. The real killer is Herrera this season. Approx 95 % of his passes have been successful. And open your eyes: he never plays backwards. The reasons van Gaal did not like him.
  4. Rashford needed a break and he rightly got it. Looked fresh today. Hope he can return to his level to give us some options if Ibra is injured or we need a bit more up front.
  5. Blind is not left back. Not center back. More like bench back. Good squad player.