Where can I find all details about membership?

Next to this page, you can get all information in the following documents:
1-United Devils Registration
2-United Devils Membership Letter
Ticket collection point on matchdays (1 hour before kick-off)

How can I become a member?

To become a member of the United Devils you need to become an official Manchester United member first. You can buy the official Manchester United membership online by credit card or through our club by prepayment (bank transfer). We are happy to help you with the registration, if you have any problems.
After you have bought your official membership you can send us an e-mail by attaching the pre-filled United Devils Member Registration form in your mail.

What does the membership cost?

Beside the £32 for the official Manchester United membership (+£5 for European postage) the membership with United Devils costs you £10 per season. This is only payable with the first ticket request. Please note, you have to renew your official Manchester United membership on your own every season, in the meantime there is an optional auto-renewal function.

What are my benefits?

  • You have the possibility to make applications for Manchester United tickets before the non-members.
  • You receive a £5 discount for tickets to all Home Fixtures.
  • You receive a half price discount on entry to the Museum and Tour Centre.
  • You obtain a 10% discount on purchases from the Megastore (both online and at the store).
  • You receive a 10% discount on meals in the Red Café.
  • You receive an official membership pack containing exclusive club merchandise like DVDs, pens, key rings, post cards, etc.
  • You receive two Official Membership magazines per season. Members can keep up to date with all the latest news and gain a unique insight into life at Old Trafford with exclusive player interviews!

How can I apply for tickets?

Once you are a member of our supporters club, you will get an invite with your e-mail to get access to our Excel Live Fixtures form. There you can put in your ticket request for each match, please take care while editing as all members access the same online Excel form, please only edit your own text. If you don’t have access or questions to the Excel, please write an E-Mail to John. Before you put in your requests, make sure that you have enough funds for the to be requested tickets on your United Devils bank account. Every ticket request has to put in before the mentioned match deadlines.

As an United Devils member, can I can still purchase tickets directly via Manchester United?

Quick answer no, except from European Away cup matches. If you have associated your Manchester United membership with our United Devils supporters club, then please don’t order tickets directly via Manchester United. Because every member who applies directly for tickets via, reduces the total amount by one ticket for that particular match. This cannot be the intention of our supporters club. Because of this our total ticket amount per match is not predictable anymore and put all the hard work of John and the other volunteers into the shadow. So, please apply for tickets only via the Live Fixtures Excel and make sure to have enough funds on your club bank account.

How much is a ticket?

In previous seasons the club has suffered heavy losses where we have trusted people and ordered tickets before they made payment. Last season we lost approximately £200 (5 tickets purchased but not paid for by 2 people).

Then they have not shown up and it has been too late to re-allocate the tickets to authorised users, although a permanent note is kept should either of these members wish to rejoin the club, that they cannot order any more tickets until old debts are paid. This doesn’t really help when we never hear from them ever again. Therefore, we were forced to introduce a £10 charge payable once per season upon the members first ticket allocation in order to reduce our losses. Additionally, this is why we now insist that league tickets will only be purchased when sufficient funds are held. For tickets for non members we will charge an extra £5 fee.

As a supporters club we get tickets allocated in East Tier 2/South Lower and sometime in North Tier 3.
Please find below the current ticket prices for this season:

Ticket category Adults Over 65 / 16-17 18-20
Sir Alex Ferguson Stand / South Upper Wings £58 £28 £45
Sir Alex Ferguson Stand Tier 1 / Upper Wings £55 £28 £43
Sir Alex Ferguson Stand Tier 2 Centre £52 £28 £41
Sir Alex Ferguson Stand Tier 2 Wings £50 £28 £40
Sir Alex Ferguson Stand Tier 1 / South Lower Wings £50 £28 £40
Sir Alex Ferguson Stand Tier 1 / South Lower Centre £51 £28 £41
North East Quadrants Tier 2 £50 £28 £40
North West Quadrants Tier 2 £50 £28 £40
North East Quadrants Tier 1 £46 £27 £36
North West Quadrants Tier 1 £46 £27 £36
East Stand Upper £45 £27 £36
Stretford End Upper £45 £26 £36
East Stand Tier 2 £45 £27 £36
Stretford End Tier 2 £45 £27 £36
Family Stand £45 £27 £36
Sir Alex Ferguson Stand Tier 3 £42 £25 £34
East Stand Lower £36 £22 £29
Stretford End Lower £36 £22 £29
South East Quadrant £46 £27 £37