COVID-19 Spende

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Attention All Members Resident in German:

The Manchester United Foundation is offering £500 (possible a further £500 if we can raise £500) for each Official Supporters Club that nominates and/or raises funds for a LOCAL Charity which may well be suffering from loss of funds as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic.
As our Club is no longer just in one area and our official members now come from all over Germany, it is difficult to select a worthy charity. Having consulted with our German Season Ticket Holders (they source of funds for our club), I feel that:

Ein Herz für Kinder

Is probably one of the most eminent charities that most in Germany would prove that they are worthy of our support. However, should any of our “German Resident” members have an other charity they would like to be considered, they should contact John McFadyen ASAP.
Furthermore, should anyone have any fund raising ideas how we could raise £500 or more please feel free to discuss amongst yourselves. In the event we can raise funds the donation must be made via the Club funds in order to acquire the additional funds from the Foundation.
Thank you all for your continued support and we hope to see you at OT as and when football returns allowing spectators.